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Top 3 Things that Guarantee a Successful First Date

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

No, it is not extra perfume with Vaseline on your wrist.

Your hair’s tied up, your lipstick looks stunning and yes, you have managed to avoid getting lipstick on your teeth — it is all working out great. You are going on the first date and after a long time, you really want to make sure it works because God dang, you already have a big fat crush on the dude.

To make sure that your first date with that gorgeous gorgeous man is a shining star, all you have to do is follow the three things mentioned down below in the article.

1. Choose the middle road — be yourself and also don’t be yourself. We have all heard how being yourself on the first date is really important but hey, it doesn’t have to be that way. While being yourself is a good thing, keeping a few things saved for later and keeping a little bit of suspense is always a sexy thing when it comes to impressing a guy.

On your first date, you don’t have to disclose every defect, conviction, and personality feature you have. Instead, you should make a short list of three to four things you would like to say about yourself. Before going on a date, consider what you would want the other person to know about you. Then, put off doing everything else until later.

2. Appreciate and don’t forget to laugh at his jokes: Guys are way simpler than us women — yes, I said it. They don’t give away mixed signals they just want to be appreciated and heard and also, they love it when they can make a beautiful girl sitting in front of them laugh hysterically at their jokes (weird, I know).

Even if you don’t agree with their viewpoints, acknowledge them as you converse with your date. Avoid arguing and brain-teasers. Instead, concentrate on making the experience for the two of you pleasant and emotionally secure. Again, don’t forget to laugh — take it from me, it really drives them crazy.

3. Mirror the crap out of him: When you quietly mimic the actions of the person you’re with, it is called mirroring. As a result, you imitate their movements or smiles. According to research from the Behavioral Science Institute in the Netherlands, we imitate other people’s conduct more when we are attracted to them. Mirroring your date’s behavior is a terrific approach to subtly convey your interest if you find it difficult to communicate your sentiments.

Since we all know that men are great at lying and being impressed, you have got the date all packed in your bag if you do the three things mentioned above.

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