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To 5 Healthy Advice for People in Relationships

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Yes, flowers are one of them too.

Sometimes, love isn’t enough. To break it to you, just love alone is never enough. You might have ignored many red flags in your relationships just because red is your favorite color but if you want s long-term, healthy relationship, you need to follow the things I have learned in my life.

1. Bring back the first month of your relationship:

We have a tendency to slip into our metaphorical sweatpants and become complacent in our relationship as the months and years pass. We stop being patient, kind, understanding, and generally making the effort we formerly did for our partner. List all the things you used to do for your lover throughout the first month of your relationship. Start executing them once more.

2. Don’t let the intimacy die:

Being intimate is better than being horny or sexy. It’s holding hands while taking a walk or snuggling in bed on Sundays. Trust and connection on a personal level. And in the end, that’s what distinguishes friendship from love.

3. Know that growing is a two-way street:

Issues, challenges, and conflicts are chances to go ahead and develop your relationship with your spouse.

Stagnation, which is more often known as a lack of progress, can cause a relationship to deteriorate. Uncertainty produces growth because it forces people to venture into unexplored waters. Don’t allow fear to hold you or your relationship back; sometimes discomfort is a good thing.

4. Be patient — not everything can be fixed:

Not all disagreements or problems can be solved. Your ideas, views, habits, and personality may not always be in harmony since you are a unique individual. While communication may go a long way toward fostering mutual understanding and addressing issues, certain issues are deeply ingrained and may not be considerably changed. It’s critical to assess your own tolerance levels and recognize when a relationship is no longer good for you.

5. Give and take LOVE:

Love isn’t just something you fall in — it is something you build, something you try to give and grow with. It is an experience, emotion, and a name of courage — and you need to let it consume you in order to make any relationship healthy.

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