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Be Prepared for These Things Before you Date Someone with Kids:

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

His name is Jack, not Jackie! never mess the names.

1. You will definitely feel left out:

They have tales, experiences, and inside jokes that you won’t know about. They will have long-standing customs, and it can be quite difficult for their offspring to include you in them and be prepared because dating someone with kids can often make you feel left out.

2. It is not just about the kids:

There is WAY more to dating someone with children than simply the children. The children and everything that links them to your partner — custody arrangements, extracurricular activities, the other parent, general child and parenting issues, financial commitments, and ceaseless transporting of the children from place to place — cannot be separated.

However, “more intricate than you realized” does not imply that you are bound to failure, just as “hard” does not equate to “impossible.” Maintain an attitude of flexibility and be ready for changes to occur because they will, and more frequently than you probably realize.

3. Unfortunately but you aren’t the DAD

I believe it’s crucial to sit down and talk through rules and expectations in advance if you decide to move in together with your partner are their kids. For example, you could have different rules for the children than they have already set. Include a statement about if you are okay with your partner reprimanding their child. Some individuals are, while others aren’t. Prior to creating a mixed family, you must understand this.

4. It is not easy:

Similar to renting a home, is becoming a stepparent. A charming, welcoming home that you were first really eager to move into, but after a while, you realize maybe it isn’t as wonderful as it seemed in pictures. In addition, the landlord left a ton of unsightly furniture that you are only permitted to rearrange.

If you find yourself in this situation, you can do the following things:

1) Become depressed and ball up in a perpetual ball because of all the things you wish you could change but can’t.

2) Be angry about everything and rant on the phone with the landlord about how they should fix this or that to make the place habitable for you. Become even more incensed when the landlord tells you that no, you can’t.

3. Look around and be patient! Parenting and moving in as a new parent takes time.

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