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Get Prepared For Your Romantic Journey

How to Match?

1 / We get to know you

Tell us your story. We want to know your dating history and what you're looking for in a potential partner. This is also the opportunity for you to learn more details about yourself, what have worked, and what not during the meeting.

2 / Match selection

Our matchmaking service range is innovatively, transparently and effectively designed to assist you in achieving your personal goals.We’ll share details about who we’ve chosen for you and set up the date. 

3 / Face-to-face date

The only way to discover if you have chemistry with someone is to meet them face-to-face. We do all the work to arrange the date and let you take it from there. Don’t worry — there’s no pressure. It’s just lunch.

4 / Share date feedback

Sharing details about your date is an essential part of the matching process. We will use your feedback, and the feed back from others to fine-tune the selection for your next match.

Categories included

From 0 to 1, we can help you to get ready for your dates with dating elements:


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