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Money can buy you happiness (in certain ways), but cannot buy time.  Here at LOVERY you engage our team of expert confidants who not only bring you a series of introductions and care for your opted personal services, also bring you time. Time you can now save and spend in a more meaningful way.

Our members represent the LOVERY leagues of their industries; upcoming talent or established entrepreneur; all are successful in their field. (Think Soho House!) There is no “catfish” client at LOVERY, we are fortunate to work with a wide variety of individuals from illustrious entrepreneurs to the brightest professors, from professions to c-level managers and from the young and talented to the epicurean wise, to politicians and celebrities alike.


Our Elite membership grants you exclusive access to professional photographers, stylists and makeup artists, relationship, dating and singles coaches, and more!

We assess each member application individually, taking into account your own goals, preferences, desires and expectations. 


Ready to start your dating journey?

All information is private and kept strictly confidential. If you’re uncomfortable submitting personal information online or would rather speak to someone directly, please call us at +852 9665-4088 to make an appointment for an evaluation.

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